Saturday, July 16, 2022

First Quilts

The program for our July 13th meeting was a delightful presentation of "First Quilts" by EVQG members. Those with last names beginning with N - Z were on this program; the A - M group will present their first quilts at the August meeting. Below are photos showing what talented quilters these women were from the beginning of their quilting journeys. Thanks to Jeanne Allen for the photos.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Documenting a Quilt

Glenda Brown, a member of the Quilt Documentation Committee of CQC, presented a program at our June 8 meeting, documenting Terry Van Ryn's old family quilt. Several generations of women in Terry's family have worked on and added to this beautiful quilt. Terry's mom, Ehtel Scruton, attended the meeting and added information about the history of the quilt. 

Below are some photos of the presentation.

Terry's family's crazy quilt.
Lucy Bliss (Terry's great-grandmother) pieced and embroidered the quilt.
Dora Gray repaired it in 1958.
Terry's mother, Ethel Scruton, backed it.
Terry also worked on the quilt.

Glenda Brown showed the quilt that inspired her love of quilts, 
a patriotic quilt featuring President James Garfield.

These are family photos showing several women who made and/or 
worked on the quilt.

Terry shared interesting documentation of the history of the quilt.

Terry Van Ryn with her mother, Ethel Scruton.

Show and Tell Photos from June 8 Meeting

The last three photos show several Quilts of Valor that will be presented

to veterans at the 4th of July Concert in Estes Park.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Marianne Jeffrey - Two Programs in One

Estes Valley Quilt Guild hosted Adventurous Quilter Marianne Jeffrey (an accomplished quilt designer and certified yoga instructor), who started her presentation with a lesson in chair yoga for those of us who spend long hours at the sewing machine. Created to relieve tension and stiffness in muscles and joints, the stretches and poses can be done in a sturdy chair and feel so good. 

After the yoga session, Marianne showed quilts and slides highlighting her foundation paper piecing skills. She is a self-published author of many books. 

Click here for Marianne's blog.

Show and Tell